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These days we are all online marketers, whether we like it or not.
Our brands and businesses demand this, even if we don’t have the skill or the time to do it right.

Are you missing out?

Can your business afford to miss out on digital marketing opportunities for yet another month?

Do you feel like you are over-investing and wasting your precious time and budget?


Unlock the incredible potential of connecting with your customer.

Take control of your online destiny

You choose how much additional time and resources you want to invest in more aggressive tactics.
Our support package lays the groundwork for your social media marketing presence.

Our Simple Process Produces Results









Monthly for 12 months 

Monthly for 12 months 


Biweekly Facebook Posting 

1 Facebook post with graphic every two weeks. 

Each post will be written, designed and published by our expert team. 

Weekly Facebook Posting 

1 Facebook post with graphic every week. 

Each post will be written, designed and published by our expert team. 

A Facebook Page that works for your brand AND the consumer
We provide a back-up to your own social marketing efforts. 
Our content ensures that your Facebook page is on-brand and professional-looking.
Even when you don’t have the time or inspiration, your brand page stays active.
Posts are based on your unique brand plan and quarterly inputs. 

Facebook Advertising 

Posts will be promoted and boosted to grow your online audience.
The package cost includes a small budget for boosting. 
You can, however, top up that amount with additional Facebook advertising budget. 

Training workshops 

You are automatically included in the YB Social Club social media and online marketing upskilling program and invited to workshops. 

*All prices are VAT-exclusive. 


Monthly for 12 months 

Once-off: Save 30% 


We build a basic brand website consisting of 1-5 pages (Home Page and Contact Page included). 
Your website will become an online brochure for your business. 
You can select up to 3 email addresses for your business, including a personalised email address. 
You are automatically included in the YB Social Club social media and online marketing training program and invited to workshops. 
Basic brandmark
If you don’t have a logo, we can provide a basic brand mark.
R500 once-off 
Website registration
Do you need us to register a web address for your site?
R250 once-off 
Specialised functions
If you would like more specialised functions for your website (e.g. an online shop or booking facilities), we can provide an alternative quote.
Let’s talk
Give us a call on 021 879 1823 or send an email to content@yehbaby.co.za
*All prices are VAT-exclusive. 


How will the social club benefit me and my business?2019-02-21T16:17:57+02:00

As a business or a brand, you need to be discoverable online. The Social Club helps you ensure that you are not only discoverable on two of the main online search platforms (Google and Facebook), but that you make the best first impression when people find you there. All this while you get tips and tricks that will help you use your online marketing platforms better.

Do you need a website? We provide a cost-effective path to a professional website. We help you angle your message and your offering towards your target market, making it more likely that they will respond positively and pick you to do business with.

Are you looking for Social Content Support? Our social media content support options are designed to supplement your own efforts on Facebook, the main social business platform. Whether you are an active poster on your business or brand page, or are less enthusiastic and just post when you remember or have time, our content provides a backbone structure. The weekly or bi-weekly posts we provide ensures that anyone who discovers you on Facebook will get an impression of the brand or business that contains the brand essence and is professional, regular and trustworthy. It provides a basic drumbeat of content that you are welcome to add to, or to use on other platforms, like Instagram.  

Looking to upgrade your knowledge? We have almost 10 years of experience in social and online marketing, and we can’t wait to share this with our Social Club members. Once you join the club (by ordering a website or picking a social content support package, or both) you will start receiving our weekly tips mailers, containing insights and suggested actions that will help you be more effective with online marketing from day 1. You also get access to our ever-expanding trove of members-only blog posts that will help you set up your platforms, choose your strategy and tactics, and know how to measure your online success. Also look out for workshops or webinars and speakers at networking events.

What are the payment options?2019-02-21T16:18:20+02:00

For websites, you can either pay a once-off fee of R8000 (and save 30%), or pay it off monthly for 12 months at R1000 per month. 

For Facebook Content support, you pay a monthly fee of R1500 for 1 post per week, or R1000 for 1 post every second week.

What type of agreement would I have to sign?2019-02-21T16:19:38+02:00

When signing up for a 12 month Social Club membership, you agree to our Terms & Conditions that set out the monthly payment terms and describes the service.

Why only Facebook?2019-02-21T16:20:20+02:00

Facebook is not only the largest social media platform in SA (and still growing rapidly), it provides the most powerful business tools for promotion and measurement. It serves as a powerful local search engine where you can search a business, check it out to see if it looks reliable and legitimate, and contact it all in the same action. When it comes to website traffic, Facebook is the source of 90% of the pageviews on the websites under YehBaby’s management. 

We love Instagram too, and believe that it is the social platform of the future. Currently, however, it does not offer the tools to make it cost-effective to use for marketing. You’re welcome to use the content we provide for your Facebook on your Instagram, though.

Can you also help with Instagram management? How can I use Instagram to benefit my business?2019-02-21T16:12:03+02:00

We can offer Instagram as well, for an added fee. Our upskilling programme will give you tips and insights into how to start up, improve and make the most of your Instagram platforms.

How expensive is Facebook advertising and do your packages include a Facebook advertising budget?2019-02-19T14:12:51+02:00

There is no flat rate for Facebook advertising. The price is determined by whichever ad outcome you want. The price is set by competitive bidding and is influenced by several factors, such as location, target audience and interests. However, Facebook provides the lowest cost per conversion of all the major social networking sites. 

As part of the Social Club Social Content Support package we boost each of our posts with a small amount, but you can also top up that amount with additional Facebook advertising budget.

Is a website sufficient for running a business online or do I need a Facebook page as well?  2019-02-19T14:13:09+02:00

If your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is good, a website can be sufficient, combined with other forms of offline marketing. Your consumer will tend to start on Facebook, though, so having a consumer-facing presence would positively affect your business. Not only can you reach specific audiences using Facebook advertising, but it is a bigger platform with mechanisms to easily reach your audience. 

How long will it take for my website to be up and running?2019-02-19T14:13:30+02:00

It will depend on how quickly you provide us with the copy and images you want to use for your site. You have a week from our first email to you to send us everything. After that, it should take about a week to build your website and get it up and running.

Why can’t I find my website on google?2019-02-19T14:13:50+02:00

Once the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics are in place, it takes Google a bit of time to crawl your website (Google goes through your website, categorising and analysing the text and images, so that your website can be discoverable and optimised for the search engine). It should take a couple of weeks for your site to show up for brand keywords (like the name of your business). If you want to rank for topic-related keywords, that could be tricky. Feel free to contact us to discuss this.

What is SEO and how will it benefit my website?2019-02-21T16:10:16+02:00

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are technical adjustments to your website and its content to ensure that it shows up in online searches. It allows Google and other search engines to discover your website and recommend it to other internet users. 

We do a basic SEO set-up as part of your website build.

How does web domain registration and website hosting work?2019-02-21T16:09:41+02:00

If you already have a website, you provide us with FTP logins to access the site. 

If we are building a new site for you, the domain registration is a once-off payment of R250, which reserves the site for 12 months. This includes 3 email addresses which we can register for you. 

Website hosting for 12 months is included in the design cost of your site.

Which hosting company do you use and why?2019-02-21T16:09:21+02:00

Hetzner is our trusted web-hosting company. We have a long history with Hetzner who provide a far superior service to other companies. Domains and websites hosted with Hetzner enjoy lightning fast transfer speeds, secure & reliable servers using the latest in Solid State storage which ensures that your data is secure and quickly available when someone visits your website.  

Hetzner also provides a FREE  SSL certificate, unlimited traffic to and from your domain, spam filtering, DDoS protection (from hackers attempting to crash your site), malware removal and 24/7 support. Along with all these services you can rest easy knowing that Hetzner creates daily backups of your website so in the unlikely event that there is an issue, your website can be back up and running in no time at all.

Why do I need to spend money on online advertising? Is it worth it?2019-02-21T16:01:38+02:00

In order to reach your audience and grow your platform, you need to advertise. Word-of-mouth only gets your business so far, and the days of organic reach on Facebook and other social media platforms are, sadly, over. Facebook and Google Advertising is the best way to get your brand out there and reach new people online.

Are your workshops available online or do I have to attend the social club gatherings?2019-02-21T16:00:56+02:00

Our workshops will definitely be available online, on the Social Club members portal, ready for you to start improving yourself whenever you would like to. Of course, attending the gatherings would be the most beneficial, as it will allow you to interact with us and your peers in person. 

I don’t feel comfortable giving up all my information online, can I rather speak to one of your consultants over the phone?2019-02-21T15:59:41+02:00

Of course, you can give us a call at 021  879  1823 between 8 & 5 Monday – Friday, or send us an email at content@yehbaby.co.za, and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Can you offer me more than the basics?2019-02-19T14:16:05+02:00

We have a large selection of add-ons to supplement your Social Club package, including Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn social management, extra posts to add to your regular Social Club schedule, extra invitations to Social Club workshops and training events, and e-commerce for your website.

Do you have cheaper packages?2019-02-21T15:57:38+02:00

Our cheapest website package is a standard fee of R1000 a month for 12 months. 

Our cheapest Social Content Support package is a monthly retainer of R1000.  

If you’re looking for a more specific package, you can contact us at 021 879 1823.

Are you the cheapest online marketing service?2019-02-21T15:06:13+02:00

Probably not, but we are not trying to be. We make use of one of the most trusted servers for your website and have a team of qualified professionals to ensure that your content is excellent. There are real people on the other end of the line, with real experience to share and a real passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

If you need a more pro-active online marketing strategy and branding support please contact Ronelle Louwrens.
We can help you with that too.

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