YB Social Club Terms and Conditions 

Description of Service 

  • The YB Social Club undertakes to do the following on a monthly, prepaid basis. 
  • Establish a professional online and/or social media presence for the Member, by posting once a week/biweekly, as per Member selection, on one Facebook page of the Member’s choice.  
  • A 3-month content review to keep up with the latest happenings in the Member’s business and keep the Member’s online platforms relevant with the latest news and information (as provided by the Member). 
  • An upskilling program including invitations to regular networking and workshop events and weekly emails containing knowledge and information that is practical and relevant for the Member’s online marketing efforts.  
  • A website containing 2 base pages (Home and Contact Us pages) with the choice of up to 3 additional pages pertaining to the needs of the Member. Hosting for 12 months is included. Maximum of 3 emails of Member’s choice is included. If Member would like us to develop a more customised or an e-commerce enabled website for their business, Member can contact us on 021 879 1823 or send an email to content@yehbaby.co.za. 
  • This is a support service, not a proactive social marketing or a complete online marketing service. If the Member would like a more comprehensive or tailor-made online marketing solution, the Member can contact YehBaby Marketing on 021 879 1823 or send an email to content@yehbaby.co.za.  

Limitations of Service  

  • The purchase of pictures, images and videos is not included and will be at the discretion of the member.  
  • Professional photography and videography are excluded but can be added at extra cost. 
  • If Member would like a basic brand mark or basic logo design, it can be arranged for an added cost as set out in onboarding process. 
  • The registration of the website domain is excluded, but can be added at an additional cost as set out in onboarding process. 


  • Member commits to a 12-month contract with regular monthly payments. All Members that choose website offering will get access to the Social Club upskilling program and resources for a 12-month period.

Members undertake to: 

  • Supply relevant information (including images and other files) within one (1) week of information request by YB Social Club. Late provision of information could lead to interruption of service. 
  • Supply agreed-upon funds for the purchase of media (images or videos) as per Member’s request. 
  • Provide access to all applicable platforms like existing websites or social media platforms. 
  • Provide payment as per agreed-upon package pricing, pre-payable by the 1st of the month. Late payment will result in the interruption of service, which could include the suspension of website, social media platform and YB Social Club access. 


  • YB will not knowingly break copyright or libel laws, and does not accept liability in the case. 
  • YB does not accept liability for damage that may result from hacking or other security breaches on websites or social media accounts. 
  • Member declares that they are using website and social platforms for legal business that does not contravene the terms of use of any of the online service providers or copyright, libel law or any other local or international laws that may apply. 


  • YB retains the copyright in all designs for social media, website and marketing material. 
  • Social media designs are executed for the specific use on the business’s social media platforms, and may not be repurposed for other branding or communication purposes without consent. 
  • Member retains the copyright of all photographs and copy provided to YB for use in the execution of this agreement. 
  • Member guarantees that they have the right of use of all photographs, copy and designs supplied to YB for use on websites or social media marketing, and that YB is not liable for any copyright infringement that results from the usage of any such images or written material. 
  • Member takes note that social media or website designs provided by YB in the fulfilment of this agreement could be subject to copyright limitations set by the owners of copyright in stock images and designs. YB is not liable for any copyright claims resulting from Member’s use of these images in contravention of this agreement. 
  • Member agrees that YB training material is YB’s intellectual property and may not be redistributed at all for any reason without the express consent of the owner (Yehbaby Marketing CC). 

Confidentiality Agreement 

  • YB agrees to keep all information provided by the Member confidential.